domingo, 18 de maio de 2008


Classic aproach, the matrix itself, Herr Porsche's
in a Karmman's Coach/ Studio Ghia joint-ventures.

Weel, well, well, its VERY ME, inside it in this
lovely and brand new Nineteen Something VWy !

Newspapaer ad, with a band-aided Red Beettle,
note the bizarre two more eyeballs on windshield!

Named here as "JAMANTA", a Race Beatles Carrier
passes slowly through the streets of Londrina (PR).

Facilities to obtain a Diploma in a Drive-Through way
in a very suspects organizations on Southeast Sites.

Tiago, 20, splash down his white 1974 VW on
the brown waters of Igapó Lake, at Londrina (PR)

Our cousin, in a bad situation, indeed, on the hood
is writen something about reciclation stuffs, Gee..

Yes, this is teh real not real VW ones, in a 1:40
scale gauge, even a step tire is trully available.

Ops! Nite crashes made it by Drunk Drivers, but
affortunally, no dead corpses in this case here...

Concentration before our trip on World VW Day,
with visible proudly tags naming ours birthdays.

Pit stop to achieve some gas, in a Sepia Photo,
to simulate the Good O'Times, in Brand New Times.

On the crossroads, this hasty driver really like to
plays with Ms. Death, by a moment of seconds...

Brother on the road, with intriguing merchandise
at the top of the roof, reading a "painter" ad.

Our first trip to a neighbour city, named Jataizinho,
23km from Londrina. Next 2009 we'll came back, again!

VW Lovers in any gauge, any scale, any size, strange
thing: The real ones also get Rite Lamps stoled, Brrrr...

AT LEAST, THE FAME! We at Local Newspaper,
of course, wit a little help of my own, indeed...

Gee, watta's hell on this poorly and kinked and
faded wheathering VW buddie of 1974, watta pitty !

Mr. André Cicarelli from SPAIN send me this beauty VW Sedan
1.300-L Cabriolet ( 6353 CDV ) in a shine Crimsom metalic hue.

A real KARMANN's soft white leather rooftop,
samething inside it, so beautyfull and noble !

Funny guy this one, with a VW 1.303 cc aluminium tag, naming his strong and reliable boxer engine...

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